There are “NOrmally” 3 pARTs to any story, the beginning, middle and the end. Here is ONE version of my 3 pART official Bio.


PART ONE – PS. Power in Selecting a NEW ID.


BODY – My EARTH name is Yolanda PendoJema Bahati Sokiri-Munn.

A mouthful right there first is European, Middle Name is Swahili, and my Surname is double-barrelled (Maiden Name and my ex-husband’s Surname).

YES we pick up a few different identities as we AGE and YES courAGE has NO AGE.

Boring to type, let alone read,  but here goes. Born in Africa, and by the time I was 12 I was in British boarding schools.

Fast forward I BEcame the International Students Officer while taking my Sociology Degree, in Cardiff, Wales.

Returned to Tanzania, as a young adult, and worked for the United Nations World Food Programme, food justice, then BEcame Women’s Rights.

I returned to Wales, and spear-headed the Minority Ethnic Women’s Network, an Umbrella body for BME Women in Wales. Curated “Within Wales” a first, of its kind, to honour Black and Ethnic Minority Women in Wales.

Somehow my Voluntary Sector, leadership strategies, services, and speaking skills, got the attention of British Royalty, and I received “high praise” as a Pioneer in the Field.

YES, despite my young AGE, I continued to follow my own path, which might explain how I landed in Common Purpose, in Cardiff.

From the Mother sprung the Child, in terms of professional “next moves”. I became a Mother and then found myself wanting to explore Children’s Rights.

An opportunity with the Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance, as their Permanent Secretary in Geneva, lobbying on the behalf of the Organisation and their international Members, was my first melting pot of what, on the surface appeared to be two disparate worlds, “spirituality, resilience” (the official terms) and “social justice rebel” (my internal discourse which up to that point was far too often ignored or denied).

MIND – My chosen business identity is THE Poetic Soul Healer.

THE HEART AIM is communicated with passion, simply put PS Polish and Style (as others have shAREd).

Acrostic poems, Imaginative play and a Mission to build bridges to breakthrough blessings. How You ask?

ONE breath at a time, thanks to TLC: Truth Telling, Laughter and Consistent Connections spreading LOVE and shedding LIGHT, on tough questions around systemic identity-crises, injustice, and lack of integrity and their impact on individuals.

I appear to still suffer from some form of amnesia, for I can not recall when I knew that the MBA programme I had completed was not turning out, quite like I had planned.

Given that I was “fired” when I decided to inform the Management that I was undertaking an MBA, the cost of speaking my NO was ONE hard pill to swallow.

Fast forward a few months and I am stepping into my first French Montessori school.

Started from the bottom, English Assistant, rose to the top, established a NEW school for the same MAN.

Turns out that again, low self-esteem, indecisiveness, playing small, and what did Life offer me, this time I was “unjustly fired”. A blow that had me spinning, and seeking professional counsel. Guardian Angels, Gestalt Therapist, EMDR, and self-healing practices that had me STOP, look, listen, learn, love.

SOUL – My SOUL is I am DIVA – Divine, Intuitive Victorious and Attractive.

The African Mystic Priestess speaks from this Sacred Space and that journey influences all the rest, to be honest. Might aswell, this is my safe space.

Looking back, Thank GOD! NO boundaries, NO blessings.

I WON the right to say I OWN my Truth.

That was then, what is NOW?

I am deLIGHTed to share that I enJOY putting pen to paper to express my passion for THE WORD.

I co-created with a core team of Queens and Kings a perpetual calendar called Warrior Wisdom, filled with inspiration from all sorts of legends, and that will forever remain a legacy that brings a SMILE to my lips, directly from my SOUL.

I am part of an International Spiritual Warrior initiative called The Sacred Space, with a powerful Mission, birthed under the Iyanla Vanzant Spiritual Warrior In Training Programme (Founder Member – Cohort 2020). It is our hope that our audience seeks to educate, heal and increase the vibration of love on an individual and collective level.

 YES, all those 3 pARTs reside in ME!


PART TWO – PS. Permission to SHINE a LIGHT.


According to biologist, Timothy H. Goldsmith “color is not actually a property of light or of objects that reflect it. It is a sensation that arises within the brain.” It could be that each person “sees” colors differently, but our brains label the colors with the names we have been told they are.” Source (

My “Strategy through Colours”: RED; GREEN; PURPLE, PINK, GOLD

RED is at the at the root of all my EARTH suffering, literally runs in my blood, bones, and BElieve it, or not, they have all become blessings! No disguise or mask needed here.

I LOVE my past. I am  RED, when I hEAR and remember, release and rejoice.

In the school of LIFE, I chose to swim upstream at times, but whatever the situation, circumstance, person, I remain a RED Fish, ready to LOOK. It is a primary colour and primary part of my identity.

GREEN is at the at the centre of all my HEART and guided me to experience Trust, M and Gratitude.

The secondary colour, the bridge to all that brought a sense of BEing ALIVE, took me healing the RED and hEARing my calling. I am GREEN, when I pray, play and praise and LISTEN. It is a “secondary colour” and primary part of my identity.

PURPLE is within my COSMOS, guided me to experience PEACE and JOY.

The tertiary colour, that mixed my natural timidity, within the Ancestral, Ascended Masters, Archangels PURPLE Elephant lineage with VOICE placed within a safe space. I am PURPLE when I see, feel and imagine. It is a “tertiary colour” and primary part of my identity.

PINK is a whole story, in all honesty, in itself. So what is it?

“Pink is the effect that you get if you remove all the green light from the white light. White light minus green gives us pink.” SOURCE (  

I let that sit, in the warm lap of my HEART, and the child in me cried, laughed and cried some more. There, in all of a minute, I was HOME! 

PINK represents my Leap of faith, in a World where till, all of a minute ago, I too was under the “false” impression that Pink was created by mixing RED and white. Then I discovered that those who actually live and breathe ART, create it by blending RED and PURPLE.

LIFE is an ART, and my NEW LIFE started, in a minute. NO questions ASKed, I was FREE to soar as a PINK Flamingo.

Weak in the joints, particularly the knees and ankles, somewhat top heavy, and YES that was me, NOW what? I am PINK when I look, listen, learn, love. It is my BODY, MIND and SOUL identity. My I am BEing”ness” NO mess!

GOLD is the Divine Thread that weaves it’s way through each Dream, download, Channelling, present in all co-creations.

I honour my EARTH and STAR lineage with GOLD. The harmony between my Sacred Masculine (Sun), Divine Feminine (Moon), and the roles that Tanzania, Sudan, Iran, Britain and France, different historical relationships with my Spiritual Walk HOME.

The pARTicle of LIGHT, from Source, within me speaks through THE Crocodile (soft underbelly and sharp teeth). I am GOLD when I affrm, believe and create. It is a “tertiary colour” and a primary part of my identity.

NO, the abundant inspired MAGIC does not end here…


PART THREE – PS. Practice Simply BEing HUMAN.


Signs and me is a long story.

The short version is, I love shapes, size and staring! I could stop there, but I choose to share how the triangle, square and circle stepped onto my professional path.

For those in the know, if I said “constructive Triangle”, I could stop there.

A Montessori code that shows part of Dr. Maria Montessori’s genius to share a NEW approach to education, and citizenship.

BEfore I digress, even more, let me return to one of the many sensorial tools, in a Montessori 3-6 Classroom, that aims to LIGHT a path to self-learning, for any child, on their journey to BEtter explore their world.

Triangles, is the first building block, turn it upside down, flip it onto it’s side, no two paths of self-inquiry unfold at the same pace, nor path, and all promise progress, and the peace of mind, body and Soul, to practice, patience and permission to simply BE.

Lifelong learning has always been a core-value of mine and YES it took the time, I required , for me to step “out of my box” and NOlonger be “square”. NO BODY was putting me into just ONE category.

The World I chose to see, took the whole me or NOthing at all. Once I stepped out, the options were endless and infinite circles surfaced. Kundalini spirals, Sacred Geometry and so much more.

The short version would be, “Upside Down, Inside Out, Round and Round” to quote the original Diva herself, Ms. Diana Ross.

God You sent me Infinity a symbol that I saw to BE two 3s, in union, through Sacred Mirrors is an 8 NO? Especially when laying on their side so provocatively? Or is it just how I see, hear, and DREAM my COSMOS!

May these symbols, signs, system BE a reminder that wherever You are, on your path, in my space, “You ARE welcome HOME!”. There is NO scar, stain or splash that does not deserve the practices and sensations that come with conversation. 


Are You a QUEEN or KING already devoting TIME to seeking a natural high, that is not addictive, where JOY, PEACE, GLOW are a vital  pART of your FLOW, then I am your kind of HUMAN. 

There’s NOthing too big. YESterday has NO power, over You, and NOthing can hold You back. Beware, once You hEAR the COSMOS beckoning You, the only way is through the HEART!

I am here to Amplify, Intensify all pARTs of the Miracle that is You!

 Having read this far, I wish to shARE a FREE GIFT, from my HEART to Yours.

“You survived 3 pARTs, of my story, WHO knows what is NEW in yours? Curious?.

Enter Your Name and receive a PS Praise StART from me, for You, YES You!.