HUMAN causes are complEX.

SOUL choices are simple.

EVOLving? LEVELing up?



Divine Intuitive Victorious Attractive

SOUL Consultant NOW.


 Shaping a new paradigm on EARTH.

HEART wisdom

MIND leadership

SOUL communication.



  WelCOME Home SOUL School, 

HUMAN sacred supPORT and SOUL PORTal

 practices, rituals, healings and teachings

Join us!
If You ARE inteRESTed in cultivating 

sacRED responsibility,

decolonial EARTH solidarity,

embodied HEART LEADership,

sustainable ancestral LISTENing,

creative ways of BEing in prACTice,

sovereign GIFTs You offer to the World,

SIGN up to unLEARN and BEtter SERVE NOW. 


Inspired by 50 years of LIFE

25 years of studentship/direct relationship

African Indigenous Medicine.

Social Justice Advocacy.

Montessori Teacher.



  SHOWing a LOVE that SERVES with JOY:

Justice Opportunity Yearning.

BEautiful SOUL


Hello Honourable HUMAN


 I support JOY seekers through my

EARTH HEART spiritual teachings that are deSIGNed to expand, explore, and express your SOUL GIFTS so You can SHINE.

“Welcome Home” SOUL School offers reSOURCEs that are practical, embodied, ritualistic, compassionate and enJOYable.

Serving SOULS in 1:1 BEspoke invitations,  BEautiful emergent community initiations,    EARTH-HEART intentions of trailblazers

LOVE that supports us to take up, hold and save space for ourselves and others.

SIGNature style &  BEspoke BEauty

“Thank You for BEing.” 

I trust our enCOUNTer, if NOW,

will BE what it is tASKed to BE.


“Karibu, WelCOME, Bienvenue

  Yolanda Sokiri feels into the safe Sacred Space within each HUMAN, using pioneered processes.

Powered by a playful, potent, poetic style, ONE is encouraged to embody the LIFE they seek.

Prepared, through LIVEd experiences, training and mentorship, to share affirming, blended, customised,

SOUL practices that encompass: personal development, spiritual growth, EARTH based wisdom as a HUMAN

Committed to radical, rebellious, real words that speak LIFE into You.

Will You Join us?

You of the loud belly laughs and contagious smiles.

You whose eYES long for, limnal spaces; sensitive to all that lies dormant within.

You who ackNOWledge that our World is in dire need of LOVE.



subtle while spacious

structured and spontaneous

strategic yet simple

You have TIME to connect the dots…

Thank You for BEing HERE NOW

Those that don’t got it, can’t show it. 

Those that got it, can’t hide it.”

Zora Neale Hurston

WelCOME BEautiful SOUL




There is an ART to BEing HUMANe…

ARE You prepared, protected and preserved for this ERA?

WelCOME to the ERA of the EAR.



I BElieve


I BElieve that “stories can “store ease in our HUMAN experiences through the BODY, MIND and SOUL. 


I BElieve in the three stages of growth, treason, season and reason. 



I BElieve in…

taking up space

holding space, and 

saving space

I BElieve in imaginative, inspiring and innovative new resources that support the full expression of our HUMANity.

“Your words reverberate in water whirls far beyond the computer screen.”

Virginia Rosenberg   – Embodied Astrologer 

“Ahhhh… where do I begin to express my experience of my Beloved Yolanda. The essence of Her Divinity is as I’ve never known up close before. There is a solid, grounding, soothing wisdom in Her very word… and grace and Elegance in Her expression that inspires awe. She is a grand wave in the ocean that is the Creator.

She is sacred space. She is Holy Ground. And she honors her Humanness in such a way that has given Me permission (and dare I say example) to honor my own. Divine authenticity at play. She is a necessity in the Universe. And I am eternally grateful to share space with Her. Deep Bow Queen. I love You deeply.”

– Faith Brooks

“I am Jacques Lesure. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and Jazz Musician.

I am writing this to let the WORLD know of the work of Yolanda aka THE Poetic Soul Healer. After many years of being “on the path”, one will resonate INSTANTLY with a person with the same intention. This is the case for myself and “my spiritual sister” Yolanda. Her dedication to spiritual truth and support of others as they do their “work” is ineffable. Her creative gift always brings joy and her spiritual vision is clear and on point. I strongly recommend that if Spirit leads you to her, be obedient and grateful for your opportunity to have her as your guide. Deep bow.”

– Jacques Lesure

“How does she know? I don’t know. But she knows. She knows when I need to hear her voice. She knows when I need that nudge of encouragement. She knows how to make me feel accepted and loved. She loves me in ways that my own mother never could. She is the embodiment of feminine grace and power. She IS Yolanda.”


-Brooke Maroldi

LEARN about how I support You, as You BECOME ALIVE on this EARTH journey!

We ackNOWledge LIFE elders, past, present and those yet to BE discoveRED.
We honour the OTHER than HUMAN and EARTH Guardians of the lands and HEART.
We deLIVEr our work intentionally: support, spaciousness and simplicity, ONE with LOVE‘s vision of us.

“Courage is to face the unknown with integrity.”

– Alixa Garcîa



LISTEN for the HEARTfelt ACT