IF we





LOVE just IS.

LOVE IS Justice.”

Yolanda Sokiri 


      Supporting SOUL TEACHings is my SOUL PACT.


“The Intersection BEtween prepared ACTion,

present Intention, that preSERVEs MINDful progress.

This is where I do my BEst SOUL work.”

Yolanda Sokiri

I LOVE to facilitate discussions on diVERSE aspects of personal privilege, public presence and power dynamics.

I have facilitated and deLIVEred talks that center the above energies, while reflecting our shared HUMANity.


I am committed to uplifting the politics of dormant, silenced voices across Europe, America, Africa and online too.



Let me create resources specifically for your interests.

My SOUL disPLAYs a transFORMative LOVE that is deLIVEred with comPASSION



Each keynote presentation can be presented in person or online as an exclusive 3 -hour masterclass or a longer facilitated workshop. 

I am well known for providing effective and memorable facilitation that bring my keynotes to life, working with my clients to deliver SIGNatory presentations and BEspoke invitations for them.

Add one or more of these workshops to your conference, connection event to provide a memorable and effective experience, leading to tangible positive shifts and changes in the attendees and in your organisation.


Areas of Expertise


  • Personal and Collective healing and liBEration as a praxis.

  • Serving through Sovereign Power and with Spiritual Integrity. 


  • Poetry SOUL Writing – RewRITE HUMAN stories to store EASE.


  • Creativity – The ART of BEing a SOULful HUMAN.


  • HOW to wRITE ONE’s OWN liBEration manIFesto. 


  • Reclaiming our JOY: Justice Opportunity Yearning.


 And many more (have an idea, let me kNOW) …


When You are ready to be just that bit more who You are?

When You are showing up for the inner SOUL and external LOVE PACT?

When You kNOW You are here to put potent SOUL WORK out in the World…

You want me in your corner!

I am here for You

“I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare”

– Maya Angelou

If You are a HUMAN who walks through LIFE, with a heart-centred approach…

I am here for You.

If you are a HUMAN who DESIRES calm, PEACE, JOY, devotion rituals, to release disconnection, reconnect to DREAMS, and rejoice in new ideas….

I hear You.



SOUL work is where I LOVE to deLIVEr BEspoke services so You experience:


  • Grace and BEauty of taking up more space with JOY.
  • Gentle yet potent SOUL practices to discover your place in LIFE.
  • Simple awareness that You are LOVE experiencing SOUL on EARTH.

SOUL session that SPEAKS of a LOVE that celebrates :


  • CARE: ComPASSION, Authenticity, ReSOURCEs & EnCOURAGEment.
  • Conversations ROOTed in my clAIM: African INdigenoUS Medicine.
  • Cycles that invite ONE to LISTEN to what BEckons, WElcome HOME
  • Connecting the dots… creativity, cultural practices and collaborations. 
  • Contact me I’d LOVE to hear from You.                                 





Core Values
I LOOK for SOULful EXperiences.


Connection I LOVE all pARTs of my HUMANity, which allows ME to connect to your HUMANity with no judgment.


I LISTEN for open hearted HUMAN EXchanges!


Celebration of EVOLving choices that  EXplore the politics of personal and public EXpressions of self-healing.

I LEARN from the HUMAN EXcuses.


Completion Cycles need LOVE and TIME to BE fully supported, through the process, in trust.







I LOVE SOUL EXpansion.




ART of BEing You.

REST requiRED to BE You.

EmBODYing a JOY that BEgan BEfore You. 








I have a dream that

Power at its BEst is LOVE implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its BEst is power correcting everything that stands against LOVE.”

Dr. Martin Luther King.




Torus by design

Taurus Sun

Water Ox

Enneagram 8


HD Generator

African ARTiste

Black Ubuntu POET

Calm, Divinely HUMAN

Eldest Child

Only Daughter








Sociology (BSc) & MBA


mODErn mystic