Hello Honourable HUMAN

“As our world leans dangerously on the brink of catastrophe, there is a renewed urgency for answers to lingering crises. However maybe it is the case that we do not yet have the ‘right’ questions. Maybe we do not yet know how or what to ask? There is wisdom in slowing down because that shift in motion might allow us to notice a different path hiding in the obviousness of the familiar. What could it mean to slow down in times of urgency? And what are the conditions that make ‘slowing down’ a sensible (or sensuous) response to the many recalcitrant crisis events that are proving resistant to resolution?”

– Báyò Akómoláfé

The artful use, and not abuse, of our words is in the air.

Topics I RAISE to address, in part, the opportunities BEing offered now are…


Race & Gender IN THE private, public and voluntary sectors.

Authentic TEAM communication tools.

Intersectional IDeas, in collaboration with PLAY partners.

Safe spaces to LISTEN to and serve THE HUMAN BEings within the TEAM.

EmboDIED self expression with PEACE practices!

WORDS have an immediate, BEyond our imagination, impact. They require our urgent attention in Industry.

Inviting me to step into your organisation, is an intentional act, one that clearly states to the TEAM, “let us imagine something NEW“.

Roles I play:

  • Keynote speaking engagements
  • NEW conversation style
  • Addressing Tough Questions with a tender style

Willing to take a different route, investigate, intuite and BE in touch with a part of You that lay dormant till this point?

  • Moderated panels
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Curated events

Seeking support as a leader?

  • Cultivating new narratives
  • Building and strengthening relationships
  • Nurturing and nourishing new ways of thriving within a leadership role

If one seeks to thrive, and transform the tangible material conditions of our LIVEs, it takes all partners to engage at their HIGHest LEVEL.

It is my DESIRE to be a partner in your process.

  • Foster a culture of creativity
  • Establish peaceful communication practices
  • Integrate intersectional inclusivity, interdependence, and foster a culture where to raise an issue is both enabled and empowering!

To BE a leader now means BEing able to truly engage the whole HUMAN BEing in their work.

I am passionate about social justice, the multiple-layers of identity, and it is my intention to create an inspired form of communication, as HUMAN BEings BEcome Legacy Builders and Change Makers within THE COSMOS.

I seek to imagine and accompany HUMAN BEings into a greater sense of wholeness and wellBEing as they shift the needle, in one’s internal and external compass.



NOBODY is neglected

Early signals are addressed

WORDS & ACTIONS are the key







TEAMwork for REAL!



EveryBODY wins

As ONE expresses the

Meaningful, REAL, aspect of their BEing at work

  • I support, encourage, and deLIVEr results.


  • I offer constructive conversation spaces.


  • I function with a rested, LIGHT HEARTed, creative communication style.

What do You want me to share?

1 + 2 =

You will receive a perfectly HUMAN response from me, or someone just as wonderful, within 72 hours Tuesday – Friday.

The Weekends, and any other declared rest day, is enjoyed fully.

I trust that You, my DEAR, understand the desire to prioritise rest.

DEAR HUMAN, please note that the PEACE Practices do not replace therapy, other somatic practices or medication You are currently committed to taking…


In the interest of my HUMAN ACT:

Clarity &

The PEACE Sessions work if You BElieve they can, and do the work!

Each conversation is a HUMAN connection, that remains compassionate, courageous and openly curious.

Your name is added to my Prayer Altar unless expressly requested otherwise.

PEACE Practices require ABC!

A committed ASK,
BEfore, NOW and BEyond series of ACTs,  Construction of strategic real AIMs.

You are free to write/leave a VOICE message at whatever TIME suits You.

I respond BEtween 11:11 am and 20:20 pm CEST Tuesday – Friday.


Plain speaking HUMAN and

Simple SOUL.

There are NO refunds.

There are NO payment plans.

This is a sacred YES to investing in You/TEAM.


“Life gets easier when you stop avoiding the hard stuff.”

– Mel Robbins