BEgin a Soul Journey that Transforms Your Life ToDAY!

BE it a:

Spiritual Awakening,

Mid-LIFE Cross-roads,

Creative Invitation,

SOUL Initiation


It takes THREE energy forms to Transform!”©.

Yolanda Sokiri:


ARTiste & Author,

LIFE & SOUL Coach,

Poetic SOUL & TALKer,

Spiritual TEACHer & HEALer,

Founder of  “THE ABCs of LIFE©

The reach, results and real ease I deliver, in this area, is DEEPly influenced by another ABC!


Ancestral lineage.

BEST practices (DIVA LIFE lessons, scientific research & spiritual techNOlogy).

Commitment to BEing in service to LOVE.

NO to Drama,

YES to Dharma!”

What is BEing HUMAN and what has it got to do with Spiritual Awakening?


Who out there is offering a part of the answers I seek?


These are the key questions I struggled with, and wished I had support with, 20 years ago.

This is why I am now determined to share my answers, what worked and failed, and BEtter LISTEN to DREAMS and DESIRES.

You have questions, symptoms, or a DESIRE to connect with others who are committed to BEing of Sovereign Service?


  • You do not know where to BEgin?


  • You are unclear on where to start?


  • You acknowledge that unfulfilled DREAMS is NO longer the path for You?

WelCOME to any of my SOUL Services!

If You are a HUMAN:

In your mid 30s who is curious about what comes new, and dares to ask what is next?

In your 40s and wondering if You are ready to show up with a BEtter version of yourself?

In your 50s deciding it is not too late to own your power?

in your 60s willing to share your lessons with others?

in your 70s cause the coolest HUMANs I know are thriving at this age.

BE an example we can all BEnefit from basking under and BEing guided by!

Then this Course is for You.

As I say…

“Trust yourself to choose something NEW.
Whatever You choose is perfect for You NOW



  • Achieving an outcome based entirely on a calm, PEACE filled, JOY full 6 weeks / 9 months experience.
  • HUMAN BEings seeking quick wins.
  • Honouring your DESIRE to speak, write your new personal view of LIFE that goes back to the basic ABCs.




  • HUMAN BEings who BElieve “practice makes perfect”, and not “pleasure of imperfect”.
  • Therapy, and intend to continue to see a therapist (and or other somatic practitioners) minimum 1 year BEfore, during and for a minimum of 3 months post this course.
  • HUMAN BEings lacking medical, emotional and physical support systems for current LIFE challenges, such as addictions and other mental and or physical health challenges.
  • Investing in yourself, and this course is one of the many pleasures You experience in a LIVEd manner now.
  • HUMAN BEings yet to integrate, holistic wellBEing tools for HEALing, and LEARNing, that enable You to LOVE yourself.
  • LOVE new experience and LEARNing.
  • HUMAN BEings viewing LIFE through a fixed, opaque, unchanging lense.
  • HEART and HAND holding.
  • HUMAN BEings inclined to “shut up and put up”, and uncomfortable to openly share your gifts and solutions then request assistance.

60-90 minutes of empowering, interactive, participatory, TEACHing and HEALing information, peppered with story-telling and sharing, that will answer these questions and more!

You receive some clear guidance on actions You can take to BEnefit your spiritual awakening, personal development and grant You tools to review where You are in your LIFE (DREAMS and DESIRES) path.

Soul Clients

Together we LOOK, LISTEN and LEARN to LOVE to what lies BEyond the NOise.

PEACE is created as You walk into a new LIFE!

I play with HUMAN BEings who are:

Creatives Conscious Parents HEART Leaders HEALers Entrepreneurs High LEVEL Sensitives HOME Makers LIGHT Workers SOUL & LIFE Coaches TEACHers HUMAN BEings who seek a NEW VIEW, VOICE and LIFE!

I BElieve in THE power that is LOVE 

I BElieve that LOVE enables THE HUMAN BEing to EVOLve

I BElieve in “THE ABCs of LIFE

ABC (one).

ABC (one):

Accept the

BEauty of LIFE


Which then BEcame ABC (two).

ABC (two):



Connect to THE SOUL

Which is now ABC (three).

ABC (three):




“This beautiful, powerful, humble soul, Yolanda Sokiri-Munn, graced my life with support and validation of who I showed up as everyday in my work. Just like a soft breeze she encourages me to pursue my gifts all the more. The Positive Force that she is, speaks to the soul, adding a peaceful joy that affirms showing up as myself in the world. My life has been strengthened by the selfless love shown by her and I’m truly grateful for her continued presence in my life. With Love”

– Makia White

“Yolanda is a gem in her own right. She has a calmness about her that makes you feel safe and protected. She puts spirit above all and holds a space for high vibrational energy. My grandfather came to her in spirit within 24 hours of my mom spending more time than I am accustomed to speaking about him. There was no way Yolanda knew my mother and I had this conversation. My father also came to her the day before his birthday, though, based on her location it was already his birthday. She is an energized being that has a way with words and provides a soothing salve to your soul.”

– Ian Kaleb


I hold the energetic space for You to AIM to create a new LIFE for yourself, of BEnefit to You and others.


Amplify your



You will discover the principles and habits that ensure:

Authenticity, Boundaries and Communication – your ABC Codes.

A whole, new LIFE unfolds as You complete and connect Divinely to your ABC Codes.

There is NO TIME like the present to BE You BE true.

I open my body, for You and I, to receive messages by using my GIFTS:

  • clairaudience

(hearing voices)

  • clairsentience

(recognizing feelings)

  • claircognizance


Whatever the stage of your growth, know that I

BElieve that You can GLOW and SHINE.

BEgin the HUMAN journey that transforms You!

“Peace without truth is false peace”

– Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

“It is not what you hear, it is where you listen from within yourself that gives meaning to the message”

– Iyanla Vanzant

“If you think something is missing in your life, it is probably you”

– Robert Holden

“Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.”

– James Allen